The story of Catch and Keep

We believe that every amateur footballer should have the opportunity to play with professional goalkeeper gloves. We are convinced that high-quality goalkeeper gloves do not have to be expensive. And that’s exactly why we created Catch & Keep: For you and for the joy of football!

Hey Champ,

We are Chris and Flo, the two founders of Catch & Keep. If you want to know more about us, our story and our motivation behind Catch & Keep, then this is the right page for you!

Maybe you are asking yourself right at the beginning:

“Who are you guys anyway and why did you start designing goalkeeper gloves?”

Very good question. We are just like you: we are goalkeepers. Out of full passion. And we have been all our lives. We even play in the same club. You can imagine that we are pretty big competitors. But at the same time we are really good friends. Just as it should be 🙂

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Do you love football? Nice, we too. We believe that football and unites. No matter where we come from, who we are or where we are going. We love this game. and we love the feeling of being the last man to give everything for our team.


Back to your question – “Why did we start designing goalkeeper gloves?”

The answer is simple: because we believe that you deserve to play with professional gloves. That you deserve to be on the pitch with the best grip. And that you deserve to have a strong partner by your side to support you from the warm-up to the brilliant save!

You need to know the following at this point: We both, Flo and I, founded our own goalkeeping school some time ago out of our love for the game of goalkeeping in order to get young junior goalkeepers fit for the big games.

But what has bothered us more and more in our work with hundreds of keepers over the last few years:

The quality of the gloves has become increasingly poor. The price, on the other hand, has become higher and higher. I’m sure you’ve noticed that, too! Anyway, the whole thing went so far that at some point many of our boys and girls could no longer afford the gloves they would have liked to play with…

We couldn’t and didn’t want to watch this development any longer without doing something! From that day on, we have invested time and sweat without end, so that today you can hold gloves in absolute professional quality in your hands – and that at a fair price.

Through our own long careers, we have played almost every glove ourselves. And so it was and is our claim and our motivation that you are optimally equipped with our gloves like the First German Bundesliga professionals!

But how do we manage to offer our gloves at such fair prices?

  • We sell our brand exclusively online
  • We focus only on the really important things
  • We don’t have expensive sponsorship contracts
  • We don’t have to finance stores
  • And we only have a small (but fine) team
Choose my goalkeeper gloves now!

Catch & Keep is our answer to astronomical prices for inferior quality. You deserve more, Champ!

You know what’s really important to us? That you also feel like a champ with us. Our goal is not only to be number 1 in goal, but to be there for you whenever you need us.

And there’s something else we really want to give you:

We develop gloves by goalkeepers for goalkeepers. All the gloves you find in our shop are the result of years of development and optimisation. Hand in hand with numerous other keepers and the best experts worldwide.

If you already wear our gloves, let us know what we can do better. Write to us, whether on Instagram, Facebook or by email. We’ll read your message. Because you and your parades are important to us.


Because in the end, we all share a passion. That moment when the defence is beaten in front of us. The opposing fans already want to start cheering. And there is only one person left to stop it: You! It’s that moment when time seems to stand still. You take a deep breath and get ready for the opponent’s shot. It’s that moment when you take off and get it out of the corner. Your teammates come running to you and celebrate you along with your fans for your magnificent save.

That’s why we play. That’s the feeling that binds us keepers together. We are one and we are many.

We thank you for taking some of your precious time to read these words from us. We hope we have been able to give you a glimpse into our story and show you that with Catch & Keep by your side, we are here for you.

Always remember, you are the No. 1 Champ!

Best regards

Your Chris and Flo

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