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Germany 4,90€ from 75€ 1-3
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Important info for deliveries to Switzerland: Customs duties and import sales tax are not covered by Catch&Keep. You must pay these directly to the parcel carrier when you receive the parcel.

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If you have received an incorrect delivery and/or individual parts of your order are missing, please contact us directly at with your order number and the error in question. 

Please also take photos of your order if this is important to clarify the issue.

Care and use

    • Look for the place where the film sticks out a little
    • Pull the film off slowly with your fingers
    • Now continue to pull the film off from finger to finger
    • Be careful if you have sharp fingernails

Note: Damage when peeling off the film does not constitute grounds for complaint. Therefore, please be especially careful when peeling it off.

It may be said at the outset that your goalkeeper’s glove is a consumable item. However, a few things can be done to ensure that the highly professional soft latex retains its properties for as long as possible.

For the best grip, you can:

    • Always play with the gloves damp
    • Wash out the gloves regularly
    • Never leave the gloves in the sun or on the heater

Furthermore, please never wear a goal or ball net and avoid contact with hard surfaces as much as possible.

    • Wash your gloves by hand under cold/ lukewarm water
    • Clean the glove thoroughly, e.g. with our Grip Maximizer 2.0
    • Important: Never twist the gloves to unwrap them, only squeeze them
    • Afterwards you can let your gloves dry half wet in a towel
    • Attention: Please keep your gloves away from the heating and the sun (store them in a dry place with little light)

The latex still has soap residue in the grip from production. You should wash this out before the first use in order to maintain the optimum grip in the long term.

Please note: The grip may weaken slightly after the very first wash-out. You will get the optimal grip after 2-3 times of wearing and washing.

Proceed in the same way as for washing the gloves:

    • Wash your gloves by hand under cold/ lukewarm water
    • Clean the glove thoroughly, e.g. with our Grip Maximizer 2.0
    • Important: Never twist the gloves to unwrap them, only squeeze them
    • Afterwards you can let your gloves dry half wet in a towel
    • Attention: Please keep your gloves away from the heating and the sun (store them in a dry place with little light)


Here you can find our current grip types at a glance:

  • 4mm Octopus Grip (with foil)
  • 4mm Spider Grip
  • 4mm Viper Grip
  • 3mm Dragon Grip

For children, we recommend our Dragon Latex. This is super adhesive and very safe as a whole glove.

For adults, it depends on the respective requirements. However, these latex types differ only minimally, as we always use professional high-tech latex from Germany. If you are unsure about this, feel free to contact us.


We can personalise your gloves with your name or your back number. You can use the following text types with max 14 characters:

  • Latin letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters (e.g. -#&+,/)

Logos or similar are unfortunately not possible.

And this is how it works:

Select the personalisation (7€) in the order process. Tell us your desired print in the comment field.

Note: An exchange of personalised models is not possible.

You can find the following types of cuts in our shop:

Inner seam: With this cut, the seams are on the inside of the glove, making the gloves fit snugly. The inseam means that there is little play between the fingers and the gloves. The coating between the fingers is usually made of adhesive foam. This cut is particularly suitable for goalkeepers who prefer a tight fit with very good ball control. (played, among others, by: Manuel Neuer)

Rollfinger: This cut does without the padding that connects the fingers to the surface. Instead, the covering is rolled around the finger. This cut is particularly suitable for goalkeepers who prefer a tighter fit and improved latex-to-ball contact. (played by: Ter Stegen, among others)

Outseam: The outseam cut represents the opposite of the inseam. The seams are on the outside, which means that the gloves sit loosely on the fingers. This cut is especially suitable for goalkeepers who prefer great ball control and a not-so-tight fit. (played by, among others: Gianluigi Buffon)

Hybrid cut: The hybrid cut is a combination of the above cuts and is a great alternative.

We take a different approach to this than most other manufacturers, who will probably recommend a negative cut.

There is not THE one cut that makes YOU the insurmountable champ in goal. The different cuts simply create different advantages. However, the most important thing is the goalkeeper’s comfort, because the confidence in the glove must be given in order to be the insurmountable support for your front men. Therefore, we recommend testing the different cuts to find the one that is most comfortable for you. This can also be observed in the professional field and is therefore the most sensible approach to finding the perfect glove for you.

Which cut suits you and your hand best, you will only find out by comparing the individual cuts.

You can currently find the following cuts in our shop:

  • Hybrid cut (model: Fly)
  • Internal seam (model: Splash, Artico, Nero, Revolt and Day & Night)
  • External seam (model: Fly Protect for adults and children + Kralle Junior Pro)

Select goalkeeper glove size

Here you will find a listing of the different sizes of our goalkeeper glove models compared to other suppliers:



We offer you and your club various cooperation possibilities. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

  • Complete equipment for the club
  • Related prices
  • Events
  • Prices at events

If you are interested in a cooperation, please send us a message now via the support form with the subject “Cooperation”.

Sponsoring of individual goalkeepers is possible with us after mutual agreement. If you order 3 or more pairs of gloves, you also save 20% on the order total.

For larger quantities or enquiries, please feel free to contact us.


Our products are all sewn by hand. Therefore, it is possible that processing errors may occasionally occur. If this should be the case upon delivery or after a short period of use, you are of course welcome to contact us so that we can then find a solution together.

Send us a picture and your order number to:

There are serious differences between production defects and wear and tear in goalkeeper gloves. A goalkeeper’s glove is constantly subjected to a great deal of stress during use. This stress results in natural abrasion and wear.

  • This is not a reason for complaint.

If there is a production defect, your glove will of course be replaced free of charge. Here you can see exactly when there is a production defect:

  • This is not a reason for complaint.
  • Open seam
  • Your strap comes loose from the velcro 
  • Incorrect personalisation

Our Octopus Grip is protected by a foil that makes your grip so strong and keeps the grip fresh until delivery. You should be careful when peeling off the foil, as slight damage to the latex when peeling off the foil is not a reason for complaint.

The damage is usually caused by pulling off the foil too quickly or by fingernails that are too sharp, which can tear out small pieces of latex. However, this has no effect on the enormous grip that the Octopus offers you. The gloves can be used normally.

Without friction you have no wear. Without friction, however, you also have no grip.

You already know this from normal life when you drive a car or ride a bike. Over time, your tyres or brakes wear out due to friction. It is similar when you catch the ball and when the latex touches the ground when you pike.

The softer the adhesive foam, the better the grip.

This of course affects the durability of your glove. We use professional and soft latex to guarantee you optimal grip properties. The grip will later help you to decide whether you win or lose in goal.

Due to the soft latex, your glove will last longer.

Due to the soft adhesive foam you will have a slightly shorter lifetime of your glove. However, the following tips will show you how to maximise the life of your glove:

How to maximise the life of your glove.

How to maximise the life of your gloves and minimise abrasion:

  • Always keep your gloves damp
  • Do not wear goals or ball nets with your gloves
  • Never leave your gloves in the sun
  • Care for your gloves regularly after use (at least once a week)

If a justified complaint should arise unexpectedly, we ask you to proceed as follows:

    • We will reply to you within max. 3 days
    • We will then exchange the product or transfer the amount back to you

Important: Please do not send us back damaged gloves


Return via DHL Verification of the return Transfer to your account

    • You email us at
    • We will send you a return slip
    • You send the package back to us
    • We check your return
    • After checking, we will transfer the money back

We sell our model with the best knowledge and conscience. If you do not like the product after purchase or if the gloves do not fit, you can return them within 2 weeks after purchase.

Used products, customised products and gloves from which the protective foil has been removed are excluded from return.

Personalised gloves cannot be returned. The name embossing is customised, which means we cannot resell the gloves.

As a first-time customer, we therefore always recommend ordering without personalisation until you are sure of your size.

After checking the return, we will refund your money within 10 days minus the shipping costs.

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